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  • Alfano chrono

    Find all Alfano products at Magickart dealer for France Alfano chronometer

    The Alfano products are destined for karting, motorcycle, and racing car.

    Magickart offers Alfano displays and accessories

  • Aim
  • Unigo laptimer
  • Electronic Shifting...

    Electronic Shifting System

    You keep on trying improving your laptimes but don´t succeed ? Excellent track conditions, new smooth tyres and even excellent driving don´t change it ?

    We have what you are searching for to optimize the performance of your kart.

    Our high innovative electronic shifting-system ME-SHIFTER F1,especially designed for karts, will allow you to win worthy tenths of seconds every lap in comparison to the conventional lever-shifting-system – combinated with excellent driving feelings.

  • Reglage train avant
  • MOD7

    Specialist circuit, rally, drift, auto competition, Dashboard MOD7 Evo1 / Evo2 - MOD7 Copilot display

  • TheLab
  • Tech Karting

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stopwatch, electronics