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    Parolin Racing kart was founded in 1986 by Albino Parolin, who combining his experience as a very skilled driver first and as a mechanic later, started at the age of eighteen, producing bare chassis units for the main Italian and European companies.

    Very fast as a pilot, finishing in first place in several international races while racing against Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen, he has been getting faster ever since gaining more and more popularity all over the world as the youngest major manufacturer.
    Successfully moving forward, he looked out for his own product making the first full range of chassis: PAROLIN.
    Under the yellow and black colors, brilliant results and victories enabled the chassis to become increasingly recognized and prove to be very promising in the scene.
    In 1998 in "absolute secrecy ", the company worked out a new brand, KGB, which developed an extended network of "agents" to be present in most of the world countries.
    Combining Albino Parolin's extensive experience and his passion for racing, a third brand of chassis entered the scene, DC ONE. Hamilton and Rosberg, as well as several other International Champions, put the kart through test procedures certifying its performance and proving it as a leading brand.

     As karting is also fun and exciting, Parolin Racing Kart dedicated enormous care and resources to new research in the rental kart field, developing the most reliable and highest quality chassis for indoor and outdoor use; the Indoor Maxter, the XT40 and the Mini XT32 chassis.
    A team of technical experts, constantly involved in new research and developments, designing innovative, high quality kart products, is also available for any customer need. Whether he requires a technical drawing or wants to fully develop a personalized chassis project or accesories, we have the knowledge and the means to carry it out.
    Ideas turn into virtual solid models through simulation software. Structural, mechanical and dynamic studies are carried out until a final configuration is selected and a production, by the means of CNC vertical machines, lathes, CNC bending machines and the most high-tech equipment, is realized.
    Parolin Motorsport manages a winning Team, attending all the most important international events and covering races in all categories.
    Parolin Racing Kart has an extensive tradition, full of victories, both at the track and in the business, and has become over the years one of the biggest manufacturing companies of the kart industry.

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