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  • Kart à pédales BERG

    pedal karting Berg

    story of BERG Youpi, let's play outside! What do you need? That goes without saying: fun and exciting outdoor toys! Like a trampoline, for example, to release your energy, or a nice pedal kart to live every day new adventures. That's also what Henk van den Berg said over 29 years ago At my parents' farm, we always played outside. But it happened one day when the time of the game was over. I started looking for a holiday job. I decided to build a pedal kart during my holidays. It was with the help of a few tubes, wooden planks, wheelbarrow wheels and a chain and bicycle repair pedals that the first BERG pedal kart was born. Even before it was finished, it was already sold. And that's where entrepreneurship awoke .. "If I could build one, why not a second, or a third, a fourth, or .... many more? During the summer holidays of the following years, I built no less than twenty pedal karts, which I sold to the neighbors in the garden. That's how BERG was born. BERG is now the world leader in the go-kart market. In addition to karts, we also manufacture and sell outdoor toys such as our BERG trampolines, which allow children to let off steam. Do not wait any longer: visit our dealers to admire and try our karts and trampolines! What started as a hangar on the farm today has become an international company. Our pedal karts are sold in 56 countries around the world. In addition, BERG is also a supplier of quality trampolines. A trampoline is a fun game for kids and teens. A trampoline encourages an outdoor activity. Our own development department pays a lot of attention to the safety of our products. A BERG trampoline is a safe trampoline! BERG wants as many children as possible to play outside, actively. That's why we do not forget the youngest children. In order for toddlers to play with a kart, BERG has developed the Junior range. We follow a simple principle. By focusing on children, with special attention to our environment, we want to contribute to the development of these children. This is what we formulated in BERG's mission and vision. »Henk van den BergDirector

  • Tony Kart

    Ricciardo Kart is a line of go-karts which covers the whole range of categories, from Mini-kart, to Rotax and the CIK-FIA classes. Ricciardo Kart has been completed with an official racing team in major competitions: Ricciardo Kart Racing.

    On track with “Ricciardo Kart”

    Daniel has not only given his name to the different models, but will be involved in the complete design, production and development of the go-kart, providing Birel ART and customers, all of his experience and his passion.

    "I am very happy to be able to kick off this project," - said Daniel - "I grew up racing karts, and even when I moved up to single-seaters I never stopped supporting this sport, always enjoying some kart racing in my spare time. Being able to follow the design and construction of a kart from a blank sheet to track debut is an adventure that’s very fascinating and I am glad to do this with a Partner who is just as excited: Birel ART. I hope that many girls and boys can learn this discipline, have fun and win with the Ricciardo kart."

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  • IPK
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