Kart à pédales BERG 5 ans - 8 ans

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All BERG pedal karts are equipped with quality components: an ingenious oscillating axle ensures good stability, regardless of the playing field, a dual ball steering control combined with an innovative pedal brings comfort and maneuverability.

Each product is manufactured and tested at BERG premises and is certified according to international standards and legislation.

28 years of experience serving children

In 1985, in the land of tulips, Henri van den Berg started the adventure of BERG pedal karts.

In his free time, Henk, using his parents' barn as a workshop, designs and assembles his first pedal kart, recovering from here and there the elements necessary for its manufacture: wheelbarrow wheels, chains and cranks. bike, wooden boards ...

Quickly, the ingenuity of his idea fuels the curiosity of his neighbors who order him.
If he builds his first go-karts alone, to meet these growing demands, he quickly feels the need to surround himself and install a manufacturing plant in the village of Wekerom, in the heart of the Netherlands. Low.

Today, BERG has become a world leader and sells go-karts all over the world, in 63 countries, always with the main mission, the desire to invite children of all ages to play outdoors, such as Henk van den Berg himself so often did so in his youth.


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Kart à pédales BERG 5 ans - 8 ans