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Drift Trike

Since 2013, Magickart offers all the material to create your Drift Trike (Trike Drifting) with or without motor. You will find the chassis to the rear axle via accessories, clothing, wheels, tires.

Originally, it was the 'big wheels' 70s, then to children who act as first Drift Trike. The Drift Trike as we know it today appeared in New Zealand in the 2000s sagissait then tricycles for children has been reinforced. Since many changes have taken place and several brands have specialized in the discipline and propose frameworks and parts specially designed and developed for playing Drift Trike.

The Drift trike consists mainly of a front BMX (wheel pegs, fork, head tube, stem, handlebar and brake) on which it is welded a frame. The rear suspension is generally made up of wheels / tires before karting fitted into a PVC disc diameter 250 mm. The seat is fixed directly on the frame.

Drift Trike inertia: This is the most classic version. It is not motorized, it can be equipped with pedals at the front, or pegs. It is practiced mainly downhill.

Drift Trike engine: The trike drift can be equipped with a heat engine. It is installed mostly on the back of trike. Equipped with a throttle handle, and a specific rear axle, we obtain a motorized trike Drift propulsion. A descent is no longer necessary to enjoy.

Drift Electric Trike: A drift trike can be equipped with a front wheel including an electric hub. One obtains a motorized Drift Trike in tension. A d


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Trike drifting